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The easiest way to run PokemonGo-Bot with Docker

What am I gonna do ?

  • How to setup PokemonGo-Bot of PokemonGoF Team with WebUI in a few minutes.

  • In this guide, I’m gonna use dev branch for newest features. For stable version (master branch), it’s more easier.

Why Docker ?

  • Cross-platform: No matter what OS you’re using is Linux, Windows or Mac.

  • Prebuild with all the things we need.


  • Download and install docker from

  • Make sure you share the partitions / drivers which will store the PokemonGo-Bot with the Docker.

  • Download and install git, please use google "How to install git on Windows". I think Mac and Linux guys already know how to install git, and docker also.

  • Google Map API keys: 1 for browser, 1 for server. Get them here for free.

Here we go

  • Open the powershell or terminal to clone PokemonGo-Bot source code, we’re cloning branch dev, not master.

    $ git clone --recursive -b dev
    $ cd PokemonGo-Bot
  • Edit your configurations:

    • config/config.json

    • web/config/userdata.json

  • Edit the docker-compose.yml file, at this time when I’m making this guide, my docker-compose.yml is a bit different from the original file in the repo. I’m gonna push to my own repo and make a PR soon.

    version: '2'
        image: svlentink/pokemongo-bot
         - ./configs:/usr/src/app/configs
         - ./web:/usr/src/app/web
        stdin_open: true
        tty: true
        image: nginx
         - "8000:80"
          - ./web:/usr/share/nginx/html
         - bot1-pokego
  • Let docker-compose do the rest

    $ docker-compose up
  • Grab a coffee and see your bot’s status via http://localhost:8000

  • Easy and sexy enough ?? If yes, please share with people who needs help.

  • In case you need stable version, replace: svlentink/pokemongo-bot with svlentink/pokemongo-bot:stable in the docker-compose.yml

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